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News - as of February 04, 2005 Misc
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Levi - 10:05:00 pm, AEST
November 12, 2007
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


HMM. What could this mean?!

Anyway, now the story is over. It's my turn to ask you questions:

1.) The train occurs at the start and the end of the story. Do you think this has any significance? What parallels does a train have with Mike and the girl's relationship?

2.) Why did Mike fall in love so quickly with the girl, and vice versa?

3.) Do you think they'll get back together, or meet each other again? Why, or why not?

Levi - 10:26:00 am, AEST
August 9, 2007
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


Haha, you guys! This is a guest strip from Sable Catton, also known as "XD" in the tagboard and forums, and also known as the chick who makes Aszure, also known as Baldy! Sable, YOU SO CRAAAAAAZY. CRAAAAAAAZY.

So about this non-updating thing, I've got a bad case of tendonitis at the moment. The pain is a mean cunt, and is disabling me from doing anything! It really gets worse during the winter; I can almost hear it mocking and laughing at me, while spikes of owies go up my arm.

Good news is, winter's almost over! I've got two weeks to go - but I'll try to have it done sooner! You guys take care!


So apparently I have a Legion...
Levi - 06:29:00 pm, AEST
January 30, 2007
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


...And I have Forums!

...And apparently, I also have passed an order for World Domination! With Ninjas, and Llamas (don't ask me). If you're confused, or better yet, curious, just visit the Legion Of Levi Forums! (link)

Papi Karr wants YOU!


Levi - 12:31:00 pm, AEST
October 22, 2006
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


I know you guys are pissed and stuff, but...I got some goodies!

Also available in tasty 1280 x 960 versions, here and here.

So how's that for redemption? :)


So, on another Tangent--
Levi - 03:54:00 pm, AEST
March 15, 2006
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


When I said I was going to update much more regularly, well, I was going to update much more regularly, relative to my previous update times. I mean, they're usually late by two days or so, but hey. Err.


Anyhoo, I just got reviewed (link) by Robert over at Panel 2 Panel (link). I kinda find it funny, since, well. I don't do multiple panels. Fine, fine. I laugh easy.

Anyway, he makes a good point about some aspects of the comic - even some I thought only I knew. (Damn you, Robert! Damn your senses! :p) He makes a good dissection of what's behind Hopscotch, and it's a pretty good read. The other articles too, in-depth on what's happening in the world of Webcomics. GO VISIT HIM. NOW.


Also, I've been reading Haruki Murakami's Norweigan Wood (link), and have fallen in love with the way he talks, the way he describes the world around him. Every piece of scenery, internal, and external, is described in beautiful detail. Reading his stuff made me feel like I was in Kobe, sipping tea while watching the birds stop by the telephone pholes, seeing the clouds float lazily by.

I'm going to pick up Wind-up Bird Chronicle or Hard Boiled Wonderland later this week, I think. I'm already excited.

So, ciao guys!


Back! And updating much *more* regularly.
Levi - 08:43:00 pm, AEST
February 04, 2006
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


So, I'm back. I'll make it a point to update properly now, due to...some reasons. Ha-ha.

Anyway, the trip has been fun. But god-damn, it has been tiring. Imagine the feeling you get after a 24-hour trance party, where you feel the fatigue when you stop. That's what I got. As soon as I stepped into the Sydney Airport, my feet felt like they had lead bolts sewn into them. My brain was frayed as heck, my body just wanting to sleep and eat something else besides airline food.

But yeah, as I said, it was fun. Now that I think of it, I think I had the best time of my life there, in the 20 years I've been alive. I'll never *ever* forget the people I've been with, the old friends I met, the new ones I made. And the feeling that comes with coming back to the place where you once lived, you once loved. The experience? I can try to put it into words, but they would fail me. Phrases, pictures, they can't even express a fraction of the feeling I had when I went there.

And the San Miguel Beer. God-fucking-damn, that was fucking awesome.


Also, I watched Makoto Shinkai's The Place Promised in Our Early Days. Good fun, and could probably be my favorite movie now.



Last update for the year.
Levi - 12:27:00 pm, AEST
December 10, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


Gah. Sorry for the hiatus. I got the 'nothing-ever-works' creation-sickness again, making me invalid for about a month. And then I post an update, and it looks like this. EW.

But yeah, better late than never, no?


Anyhoo, I'll be in the Philippines for about 3 weeks or so, starting the 13th. Probably a large chunk of the time will be spent on reckless hedonism (Babe, just kidding! -L ). I'm pretty excited about it.

So I won't be able to update for another month or so. Man, I'm so lousy. But hey - I got a saybox installed on the main page, so you can swear at me all you want. Till your fingers bleed and the calluses spring another set of calluses.

Anyhoo, ta-ta folks.


Fresh extras, yo.
Levi - 06:31:00 pm, AEST
November 17, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


First off, I'm REALLY sorry for the lateness of this update. Seriously. I'm super-super-sorry. I promise I will make up for it. ^_^;; This update just took much longer than usual to process, really. I dunno if it's the way it's done, or the details, or whatever. I clocked in 12 hours for this, I think. DAANG.


Also, I'd like to note that I play Anarchy Online (god bless free play). I promise that this does not have anything to do with my updating time whatsoever, and it's addictiveness and immersiveness and the sheer number of awesome people to play with do not affect my productivity whatsoever...err...um...fuck.

So, yeah. So in case you're interested in playing with me, I'm currently a level 20 Martial Artist for The Clan. You can find me in the Rubi-Ka server (the second one), under the name "Levi".

Catch you there!


Also, check this shiznit out:

I don't know about you, but I'm FLOORED THE FUCK DOWN. Is it a bad sign that it looks better than the art it's supposed to fan after? Perhaps, perhaps - but that doesn't detract from the badass. It's by WP from M-Theory (Link) which is similarly, if not more awesome.

So yeah. Catch you guys lataa!


Fresh extras, yo.
Levi - 12:37:00 pm, AEST
November 8, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


Keymonkey's gonna be out for a mo. Guess why?

Come on, guess.

Fine. He has a webcomic called TTSKR (link) which is made from ASCII. It's fresh, it's nifty, and it's funny. Go check it out, yo. Tell him I sent you.


Anyhoo, guess what? I gots you guys some funky wallpapers. Okay fine, 'funky' is subjective and they may be far from it, but hey. It features 'Her' in cutesy glory:

It comes in 800x600 (link), 1024x768 (link), and 1280x960 (link) flavors.


Also, a mighty shoutout to the Night Gig link) guys. Seriously, they have some damn fine people in there. Damn fine, I tell you.

Have a good one, guys!


I gots me some fanart
Levi - 10:10:00 am, AEST
November 1, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


Wow. I gots me some fanart, from the wonderful Keff-Keff (Link) who draws this comic that's called Feyenne. I'm pretty sure you've read it - if not, you're missing out on a lot. Keff-Keff makes amazing, amazing art, with super-sexy characters that just dribble with style and awesomeness and hot.

Outside sources say she also has the best handwriting ever.

Anyway, here's her drawing of 'Her'

See what I mean? Super-awesome, I tell you.

A fine young lady by the name of RA also made me a damned fine drawing of Mike making out with some...guy. I mean, even if you don't like yaoi, it's still pretty damned spiffy. That chick be the queen of mansex, yo.(Link)


And yeah, I updated. Personally, I'm not happy with the way it's worded. It feels a bit stiff. I'll sort it later when it's green.

So ta-ta, I'm off. Key and I will be chowing on some yogurt and dried noodles.


I saw a play, I saw the Ocean
KeyMonkey - 14:35:00 pm, AEST
October 31
keymonkey at gmail dot com

I saw a play, this says much as I don't see a lot of plays, I watch movies, sing disturbing songs to children and sometimes play computer games in-between nappy changes. The play was fantastic and I would love to see it again, it was called "The Cost of A Name"

I saw the Ocean, this says much about where I was, I live far from the Ocean, I used to live close to the Ocean, but then we moved. I walked to the beach, took off my boots and socks, rolled up my jeans to above knee level and waded into the breakers.

Once I was past the part where sand is suspended in the water, I scooped a handful and held the ocean in my mouth.

I spat the ocean back out, adding to it the saliva from my mouth, a part of me surrounding the world, a part of the ocean, swallowed by me.

Gah. And yeah, update.
Levi -06:49:00 am, AEST
October 19, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


Gah. I'm too lazy to make a comic report, so I'll just give the shoutouts: NoemZ from Zeera the Space Pirate (link) and Mr. Crowley from the awesome Magellan (link) were there and they were both wonderful. NoemZ was just funny (in a cute way!) and Mr. Crowley was super-nice. I was gonna solicit some sketches from them, but I was just...you know. Scared to make them busy and stuff. But I shook NoemZ's hand, so poo on you. Poo!

I also got the chance to talk to Simon Sherry (link) who makes wonderful, wonderful art that would make your pants wet and your wingwong smell sour. I swear, when he showed me his stuff, I was like, "Fucking hell, and I call myself an artist?!?!". This guy totally reminds you what of your place is and how far you have to go to be a proper illustrator. We talked for about ten minutes with me asking about how he did his stuff, and the whole time I was noting every single freakin word and staring at his stuff with my mouth agape and dripping and wet of fanboy drool.

I would've fellated him, but his table didn't have too much space under. So I just bought some prints from him and had them signed by His Awesomeness.

I also got to talk to a really hot chick who makes really hot art. I bought a print from her, and had it signed. I forgot what her name was, and where she was from, cause the only thing I remember is that she was really hot.

Then there was this yaoi bitch who I kinda kidded a bit with. I tell her, "I kinda feel bad liking this stuff, but I really like it!". Then she folds her arms in front of her, stares me in the eye, and goes on a long rant on how yaoi is beautiful and it's arty and how I should appreciate the aesthetic value of it instead. So I got terrified and bought some prints for her and had them signed.

I also saw Tiffany Grant, who voiced Asuka Langley in Eva. My friend was like, "Man, I expected her to be hotter and younger!".

And I was like, "Dude. She is hot".

And he was like, "Dude, she's a mom".

And I was like, "I'd still hit it."

And we nodded in the great, wonderful knowledge that we just procured, and he had his Eva 01 signed, and I had my Misato reproduction cel signed.

And we were happy.


(P.S. I totally have the Robot and Flight books as well. For 35+ AUD each, they're totally worth it. Heck, I won't be eating proper lunch for a month. Fuck it if I eat ramen. These books are worth any pain and suffering and hunger I can endure. But I'll talk about them in the next update.)

(P.P.S: When I started typing this rant, I was like, "Nah, I'm too lazy to type so I'll just make a brief summary". Then I started remembering how beautiful that convention was, and my eyes were opened!)

Old Dog Learns a new trick
KeyMonkey - 14:44:00 pm, AEST
October 13
keymonkey at gmail dot com

I'm ever so slowly learning Tagalog as spoken by my number one language and cultural teacher, Mr Levi-po. At the time of writing I'm learning the tagalog in the apl song by the Black Eyed Peas. I think I've got it down - and I hope I can embarrass Mr Levi at some stage.

Mr Levi-po says that it is like walking around in a dim room and when I attempt to communicate in tagalog it's like shining a bright torch into his brain. I suspect this may be because Mr Levi-po still *thinks* in tagalog while all I do is give him a friendly greeting - "kumusta na kaibigan?"

Every now and then I chat with him using a language site to assist me in my shenanigans, "Paano mo sasabihin ang 'you are awesome' sa tagalog?" One day I hope to write a complete rant in tagalog, but I'm afraid that this might destroy Levi-po's mind.

    TTSKR - On Thinking in Tagalog                
   |No, don't even think about it.        |
   |                        \             |
   |          o-o             -.-         |
   |         /               |            |
   |   too late,             |            |
   |   ikaw ay astig!        |            |
   |                     Guharg!!!        |
   |                                      |

Astig ako


Supanova, etc...
Levi -08:53:00 pm, AEST
October 17, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


I went to Supanova (link) last Saturday, and it was wonderful.

But I'll make a report later. For now, I would just like to apologize for the late update. I'm sort of taking my time with it, see? It should be finished in 12 hours though. Sorry!

Here's a teaser, peeps:

Them's just lame flat colors at the moment. I'll make the shading and background layers when I get home from work.



When the Banner Doesn't Fit
KeyMonkey - 12:59:00 pm, AEST
October 10
keymonkey at gmail dot com

It seems like every morning my head comes in contact with a banner strung over my walkway - advertising the local bakery - and I don't begrudge the bakery for the advertising, as far as I'm concerned - they need all the help they can get. The banner is about 3 inches too low and acts like a spring upon my poor neck.

I just mentioned to the bakery owners that their banner was too low - they have committed to rectifiying the situation on the next business day. I am now happy, although careful as I walk under the banner on my way home.

    TTSKR - On Shaving                
   |      Have you shaved off your beard? |
   |                                  |   |
   |Yes, feel it.              No Thanks. |
   | |                                |   |
   |It feels like a baby's bottom.    |   |
   | |                                |   |
   |  \                               |   |
   |    o-o       -.-  -- Good for you, no|

In other news I am thinking of buying a pony. Not to ride mind, I've just heard they are good eating.

Peace In.


Man I suck
Levi -08:53:00 pm, AEST
October 09, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com


So I appear to have forgotten (yet again) that I run a comic. But apparently, that's not very newsworthy now. Still, sorry.

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of manga lately. Through quasi-legal channels, I acquired Mahou Sensei Negima, which is made by Ken Akamatsu, who is known for his Love Hina fame (or shame). And this is what I can say about it:

It freakin blows.

Seriously. If you've read the Love Hina manga, and AI Love, this is pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that they made Keitaro a boy wizard, Narusegawa a teacher-lover, and Shinobu all grown up. But other than the cosmetic changes, it has Ken Akamatsu's cookie-cutter character templates: The Well-Meaning Pervert, The Angry Bitch Who is Cute, The Shy Girl WIth A Crush, The Big-Boobied Stupid Girl, and The Super Genius. I mean, what the fuck? Has Akamatsu gone batshit insane? GARR, I tell you. GARR.

Also, I also acquired Slam Dunk, and can conclude that it is officially made of awesome. I just wanna play some ball now.


Anyhoo, shouts out to the following peeps: Rocky, Sparrow, V-man, Robin, Cookie, Dawg, Pimpette, and Mr and Mrs. Kolter among others. I'd put links in the names but my CSS is fucked.


Levi - 12:49:00 pm, AEST
September 7, 2005
mad_evil_scientist at hotmail.com

Just. MAAAN.

First off, I'm really sorry. Super-sorry. I seem to have forgotten that I run a webcomic, and have a running Comic Genesis site. I also forgot what the story is, or how it's supposed to be. I forgot a lot of things.

When I struck chapter two, I felt this terrible, terrible dread that I didn't really have any idea of what I was doing or how I was going to do it. I took a look back at my notes and the archives, and saw this messy mess that didn't have any semblance to a coherent story. It looked ugly to me, honestly.

So I had to sit back, and stop for a while to survey the surroundings.

If you write, you might be familiar with the Theory of the Writer's Momentum. Basically, it states that the more you write, and the more you continue to write, the more 'force' you accumulate, and the easier it is to go faster. When you acquire this momentum, the usual time it takes for you to come up with an idea is split, and the words just flow out of your mouth like honey. It gets faster as you go.

And then you stop.

And like everything heavy that is put to a stop, it will require a humongous amount of effort to have it running again. Like, massive. Like, you can think and think until your brain is dry and you can feel your cerebrum scrape your skull and it still won't go.

That's what happened to me. So I had to get the steam to get running again, recompile my notes, rethink my approach. For one whol goddamned month.

On the plus side, you have a new gallery which you might find enticing. It has only a few pics, but I plan to add more in time. I'll also put up some of the fanart there too.

So, yeah. Cheerios!


Spring is Here, sorry Northern Hemisphere, you miss out
KeyMonkey - 11:11:11 am, AEST
September 5, 2005
keymonkey at gmail dot com

I love spring, I love love. I love sunny parks, drinking fountains, kids playing cricket, overhead flights of blackhawk helicopters, the sounds of crack-head shootouts cute rabbits, the pungent smell of road-kill, fluffy clouds and the sounds of european bees swarming.

I love the warmth of my computer gear as the ambient temperature reaches 39C/102F, and my keyboard is being cleansed by the sweat dripping from my hands.

Some of the things I have mentioned above are not true.

Levi stopped drinking his own 'blend' of coffee and has gone back to the evil bakery to be provided 'their own blend' - afterwards, Levi will complain that the coffee doesn't actually taste like coffee, but something more malignant, something more 'tangy' something more like a substance that is ejected from an overly amorous canine.

I don't know how Levi has come to this comparison, and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

    TTSKR - the real coffee feind
   |  This coffee tastes kinda funny, hmm |
   |  or funny in a weird way.            |
   |            \                         |
   |          $ o-o            -.-        |
   |         [ ] |            /           |
   |             | Errr, that's not coffee|
   |             |   BB, that's my hairgel|
   |  Hmmm, nutty!                        |

I've given up coffee and caffeine drinks, it's been 6 months now and I don't particularly feel my resolve is weakened by Levi's coffee experiences.

The main character 'BB' ( o-o ) will continue to be caffeine dependant - to serve as a constant warning to the kiddies - don't be like BB, be like KeyMonkey, respect your body, eat right, don't be evil and what ever you do, don't drink hairgel.

Right on.


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