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Q: Why "Hopscotch"?

A: My preliminary answer for this included Scott McCloud and some oher stuff that I don't really wanna remember writing about. I think I tried too hard to sound funny - bad thing! Anyway, Hopscotch was more of a thematic choice than something that has a direct relevance to the story. See, in hopscotch, players throw items around a drawn marked 'arena'. The players then take turns and think of how they'll reach what they just threw off. With one foot. During the game, the players smudge the lines bit by bit, until it's a barely-recognizable mark on the concrete. The game ends, and the only thing that's left are the stepped on chalk residues that new kids will draw over to make other games. In a way, that's err..related to the story.

Q: How often do you update?

A: I try to update on Mondays. Seriously, I do. But the only timeframe I get for Hopscotch is between Saturday and Tuesday, in the afternoons - all of the other times, I'm either working or studying, or serving food in a family gathering. I swear, it's driving me batshit nuts. But I do my best to keep a regular updating schedule.

When I finish a chapter, you might notice a 1-month window for next updates though. It's the time I need to recollect my thoughts on the comic, since I seriously don't wanna mess it up. Other than that, it should be weekly.

Q: Will you link me?

A: Sure, why not? Mind though, I can't make promises.

Q: Can I link you?

A: Go for it.

About the author:
Q: Who are you?

A: I'm John 'Levi' Contad, an Australian born somewhere in the Philippines. The moment I'm typing this (Aug, 2005) I'm 19, single, and living at home. I work as a techie in a software company somewhere in Kurrajong, then go to school at night for Web design courses.

I do this comic for personal reasons, which I will not outline here. And because it's fun.

In my spare time (which is not a lot), I cook, play the guitar, go to LAN parties and forget about hygiene, and read CLAMP manga.

All images are copyright 2005 by John Contad. All images can be posted sans permission - just make sure that credit is given where credit is due. Hopscotch is hosted on comicgen, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. They kick ass, mate.